Picking Out The Most Suitable Sport Tires For Your Car

By Benjamin McCallum

No single piece of equipment makes a greater difference to the performance and drivability of an automobile than the tires that hold it to the ground. They are an investment that most drivers need to come to terms with each time their old set wears out. Finding a good set of sport tires works for your car can be difficult because there are so many choices and high pressure dealers.

The easiest thing to do is staying with whatever tire your car first came with. This is after all what it was designed to work with by the factory engineers. Sometimes though, you may want a little better cornering while making tight turns. Perhaps a little better grip on the road when you are approaching high speeds. Remember one simple truth, it does not matter how good your car is if the wheels do not hold it to the ground. When that happens bad things follow.

The eagle series Goodyear tire has shown itself to be a well rounded tire. Within the set there is a product to fir within everyone's needs. The performance graded brands are called GT2 and GT. Both of these tires have distinguishing properties that make their use beneficial.

On the inside tread there is an all season zone. This zoned area helps to provides enhanced traction on any wet and snow covered surfaces. The outside tread has the high performance zone. This is what helps to provide save vibration free handling and a nice grip on dry surfaces.

The outside part of the tire have what is called tredlock technology. These little groves help in providing a more secure grip to the road for stouter traction and more greater stability in rainy weather. They connect together for a more better grip while driving in rainy weather.

Another of the powerful features are the dual circumferential grooves. Wow, that's a lot of letters in that word, but all it really means is that it helps to push the water away from the part of the tire that touches the road. This also helps with wet weather driving conditions. Added to this is a thicker part of the tire close to the center where it rides on the rim. This is called the rim protector. Its purpose is to help stop damage from the curb to your tire.

A few things to keep in mind to help you new wheels last longer. Keep them properly inflated. The working pressure is usually stamped on the outside of the tire. Always check it before driving because a hot tire will give you a false reading. Always rotate the tires. If you do not do this, wear patterns will groove into the tire and handling and performance will suffer. Always make sure they are balanced properly. Unbalanced wheels cause performance issues as well.

What makes a performance tire is simple, it is a all season tire with a little bit lower profile. It has a higher side wall, as well as a larger foot print. In the big confusing world of sport tires, The Goodyear eagle series is a great way to go.

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