Police Car Auctions

By Molly Knight

The name sounds very suspicious: police car auctions. Some think they are selling cars that belonged to the police, cars that have POLICE written all over. People tend to think these auctions are selling only used police cars, because of the name. When people hear this term, they immediately imagine a big parking place with lots of police cars that are for sale. Unwary people think that these cars were part of who knows what illegal auction, and are convinced that they belonged to murderers. These terrible, but still probable statements are usually not true, but they can be the cause of a car auctioning in about 3% of cases.

Those who believe that police cars are also sold in these auctions are perfectly right, because the good ones are. But these cars won't be given away with police colors, stickers and inscription. They will be re-painted and de-equiped before any sale is made. Auctioned cars either belonged to officers that are retired now or are older cars that got replaced with newer models. Since they are not trying to regain an investment or recover some unpaid credits, the cars will sell for anything they get offered. This explains the very low prices everyone is talking about. Even present buyer know this, and try to do as much as they can to keep prices low. New buyers are advised not to bid over 50% of the real value of a car. Keeping the prices in line will benefit the entire auction.

It's true that even car that used to belong to criminals that had no family to take over the taxes are auctioned sometimes. Sometimes, you will find an occasional car that was impounded or seized for any reasons that will also get auctioned. Sometimes, even cars that were not entirely paid for are sold by the police. Cars that are new but not entirely paid for can be also sold. New cars that weren't successfully paid can also be sold in these auctions. These cars are usually as good as new, and their prices will be a little bit higher that those of the firstly mentioned cars. These new cars will have prices that are a bit higher. Because they are practically as good as new, they will register bigger selling prices. Even if the price is higher, it will not reach real value. With repossessed things that are not fully paid, these car auctions are good for any buyer. However, don't expect to find a Razor Pro Model Scooter there!

In conclusion, if you decide to stop by a police car auction, you will end up with valuable assets for low prices.

These car you could sell to others for a considerable profit, then return with the money gained and buy other cars, therefore starting a business just by doing this.

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