RC Boat - Tips In Sealing Its Drive Shaft

By Cedie Attero

Most of RC boat that you can buy or play with is almost not so different with a full-sized boat when it was floating on the water because all of the concepts that applies to the real one also applies on the small one as well and its drive shaft also needs sealing in order to keep the water away to the motor or the engine.

Of course, before you can start the sealing process, you will need to place the RC boat first on a workbench or any table wherein you are comfortable to play with the boat and it is important to examine that part where the shaft goes out for any cracks because in case you can find one, you also have to fix that later on.

As a general rule, you will have to use a screwdriver in order to loosen up the screws that secures the drive shaft in place and once the screws are out of the way then you can remove the drive shaft and then you are free to clean it in any way that you want but make sure that you wipe it with a clean rag to dry it afterwards.

Aside from cleaning the drive shaft, you also have to clean the stuffing box with everything you can and make sure that it was free of old greases both inside and out and after you clean it, it is a good idea to wash it with an acetone and then use a rag to wipe it dry.

Since the stuffing box is now squeaky clean, you can now insert it back to where you get it and if possible use an epoxy adhesive to secure it in its place and once the adhesive has dried up then make sure that you insert a new marine grease on both of its ends using a pipe cleaner.

In conclusion, you'll need to set the drive shaft onto the stuffing box once again but make sure that you coat the shaft with a sufficient amount of grease and then connect the screws that you have removed earlier and make use of a waterproof silicone around the area of the stuffing box on RC boat to be able to make certain absolutely no water can leak in.

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