Safeguard Your Precious Bike Through A Bike Lock

By Krista Stewart

Bicycling is an outdoor activity that helps people enjoy being outdoors and appreciate the environment. It involves the use of bicycle which is essential not only for recreational activities but also for sports and as a mode of transportation. People also choose to use bicycle because it has a lot of advantages and one is it is eco-friendly which means that it is helpful in the environment. Nowadays, bicycles are very much popular not only to older people but also to the youth. Often, these are brought by bicyclists on different places like on parks and even when having a vacation this is why it is important to keep your bike safe from being stolen with the use of bike locks as incidents of bike thieves and stolen bikes recorded increases.

Bicycles are significant investments to kids and adults alike and therefore should be properly secured in order to avoid being stolen. To be able to do this, a good quality bike lock is what you need. This is your first line of defense against thieves which is relatively inexpensive and simple to operate. It is a physical security device generally used to fasten the bicycle to a bicycle stand or other immovable object. It comes in various sizes and models and offers different security levels. Some are even made of particularly expensive materials chosen for their acceptable strength and low density.

As in most cases, various types of bicycle locks are available in the market to choose from. Among these many different types, the most popular includes the u and o-lock, the chain, the cable, the bike club and the cuff locks. The u-lock is considered the most widely used in the cycling market. It has a horseshoe shape that limits leveraging and has a bulky locking mechanism which can resist hammers, chisels and the like. Secondly, we have the o-locks which are built to fit a specific part of a bike. They clamp around a certain area or combination of areas of the bike. Next is the chain which uses a specially designed chain link which disallows leveraging and resists hacksaws or chisels. It usually comes with a sturdy padlock that cannot be easily cut through.

On the other hand, the cable lock is bike lock that is very versatile and can be more effective with by combining it with other types of lock. It has sliding sizing feature and it is has an armored coating. Other than this, the bike club is also an efficient bike lock that functions just like a car club. It is generally a bar that is wedge across the wheel and frame of the bike which is then locked in place. The last type of bike lock that is popular among cyclist is the cuff lock. Its middle hinge is designed to resist tampering which avoids theft and it allows the bicycle to be safely attached to a secure post.

In planning to purchase a quality bike lock to ensure the security of your bicycle, one of the few things to consider is the security rating. The security rating is very important to know because it refers to level or class of security that the lock can provide. The size as well as the weight of the bike lock is also to be considered because the larger the lock the more areas of the bike can be secured while the heavier it is the more pedaling effort is needed since it adds more weight to your bicycle. Lastly, make sure that the lock includes spare keys of two or more.

With the increased number of theft crimes reported each day, it is essential that one take adequate precautions to ensure that the bike is still there if ever one leaves it. Choosing the best bicycle lock may be a daunting task but knowing the advantages it can offer makes this task much simpler.

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