Selling An Old Caravan And How To Get A Good Price For It

By Paul Partridge

Sometimes we reach a point where we feel we need to sell our caravan; usually because we have our eye on something new. But the truth of the matter is that what often happens is we don't get the best price for the caravan because we have failed to negotiate properly. If you go about things the right way when it comes to selling your caravan, then you can be sure that you will get a better price for it.

The following tips will be useful for anyone selling a caravan and who wants to get the best price.

Before attempting to sell your caravan, you need to take time to research the used caravan market. You will find all the information you need in the classifieds both online and offline. Have a look at other caravans of the same make as yours and the same year to see how much they are selling for. Look for quite a few prices so that you can get the maximum price, minimum price and the average selling price.

It is important that things look attractive when you are trying to sell them. So you should try to get your caravan looking as good as new. Be sure to fully clean the caravan, both inside and out and don't leave any corner out.

It is really important that you do everything in your power to get rid of any bad smells. Unfortunately most caravans are going to pick up smells, and you might not even notice them anymore. Many buyers will be put off if the caravan doesn't smell nice; you need to try and ensure that it smells good.

Be positive but not sleazy when trying to sell your caravan. You have to make the buyer think that you really don't want to sell at all.

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