Tips On How To Save On Gas

By Simon Darehuk

With the rising prices of gasoline these days, squeezing out extra mileage for every gallon of fuel you load in your car will eventually add up and earn you big savings. Whether you are driving a 2-seat hybrid or a 3-ton SUV, it is essential that you use a fuel saver device to cut fuel costs. The following are tips on how you can save money on gas. If followed one at a time, it will save you a little, but if you use them altogether, you will feel a significant improvement in your mileage for every gallon of fuel you load.

Drive slowly. One of the best ways to save on fuel is to slow down. This is because as your speed increases, the engine also works very hard and takes in more fuel. Thus, if you drive at a moderate speed, the engine does not have to work hard and it burns fuel economically.

Look at the pressure of your tires. Make sure that your tire is sufficiently inflated. Under-inflated tires have more rolling resistance making the engine burn more gas to keep moving. Purchase a reliable tire guage and have your tire pressure checked each month.

Check the air filter. Air filters covered with dust restricts the flow of air into the engine which then reduces the performance of the vehicle and makes it less economical. Checking and replacing the filters is very simple. Just remove the filter and hold it towards the sun. If no light passes through, it means that it is covered with dust and needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Do not shut off the engine while stuck for a few minutes in traffic. Most people do not know that starting the engine burns more gas than keeping the engine moving. Not turning off your engine at every red light will bring you substantial savings.

Turn off the air conditioning system. Instead of rolling up your windows and letting the car cooling system work, rolling down the glass and letting the breeze cool you will let you save on fuel. But, at much higher speeds, you will not feel any significant fuel reduction. If you drive at a slower speed, it is only then that you will cut down on fuel.

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