Understanding Why You Should Use E Cigarettes Instead While Driving

By Sally Ryals

If you have not thought about why you should use e cigarettes instead while driving, you are not alone. Most people will associate these devices with quitting or keeping a fit under control in public places. Very few smokers really consider the safety factors that they could change by using the electronic version when they are behind the wheel.

Simply put, today's newer vehicles are set up for nonsmokers. Push in lighters and ashtrays are not usually included in the standard vehicle. Lighting up often requires the use of a pocket lighter, which can take both hands when you are using the climate control or have windows even cracked.

While you are lighting up, you are not watching the road. Even with a successful one handed light you have to glance at the flame to make sure you touch the end of the smoke to it properly to get it lit. Then, you will most likely chuck your lit butt from the window. Environmentally, this is a poor decision. As a safety concern, it is quite possible for the butt to be drawn back in. A lit butt on the back seat or along the rear self of the car is a serious fire risk.

When you are commuting and smoking you can easily drop a cigarette while it is lit. Retrieval options are limited in this scenario. You can reach down to the floor and try to grab it. Perhaps you will try to pull over. No matter what you do you are probably panicking because you know the fuel tank is underneath the floor of your car or truck. Getting the burning little stick back typically means you stop looking at the road and other cars that are sharing it.

You can also have an accident from burning yourself. If it drops into your crotch or between your thighs you are burning a very sensitive area. There is a very strong likelihood that you will react very strongly to the pain. Swerving, sudden braking, and even accelerating are common with this scenario.

Flicking ashes out the window can be problematic as well. Those occasions when your aim is off can lead to devastation. Dropping a whole smoke is bad enough. When you knock only the lit end onto you or the floor the complications are even worse.

When you drop the whole thing you have a way to retrieve it, even if it is not the safest method. Watching just the lit tip burn a hole in you or the vehicle is scary. But picking it up without incident is not likely. If you can't step on it safely you will end up burning your fingers when you try to get it. The sense of urgency often causes an even greater threat to other vehicles on the road.

Because there are so many dangers and possible accidents waiting to happen, you can probably understand why you should use e cigarettes instead while driving. Keeping you and those who share the road with you safer is a responsibility you take on by having a license and driving a car. When you use the electronic type you can get to where you are going without worrying about the potential for flames and burns that can cause accidents. Since the use of electronic smokes means there is no nicotine withdrawal you have every chance of ending up at your destination relaxed and accident free.

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