Why A Vehicle Inspection Is Important To Buy A Used Auto

By Harry Taylor

Most of us have experienced buyer's remorse at some particular point in our lives. Perhaps the new pair of trainers you purchased lately just doesn't fit how you had predicted, or perhaps the new microwave isn't big enough for the meals you prepare. These items when put next to the whole of all purchases you make will have a nominal result on your life. However , you never need to experience remorse for bigger purchases like an automobile. Having a certified engineer perform a vehicle inspection before you make such a large investment can go a good distance in reducing the chance of regrets.

A vehicle inspection can be performed by any qualified or certificated car mechanic. Many are ready to perform a straightforward inspection for a low, basic rate and some will even publicize their eagerness to do so. Finding the proper engineer for the job is as straightforward as a search on the web or in the telephone book and a call to at least 3 potential mechanics. Of course, if you actually have a good technician you are familiar with, your odds of getting a fair and intensive inspection are larger. With the right engineer, the process is easy, cheap, and awfully educational.

Most technicians who are prepared to perform a pre-purchase vehicle inspection charge a fixed rate which relies on the type of auto and depth of inspection to be performed. Most inspections are comprised of a general check of the tires, steering linkages, brakes, and the engine. The inspection should take about a half hour to an hour and will include a statement from the mechanic on maintenance issues as well as Problems he or she has found with the vehicle. Any electronic research using a PC should additionally be included in the mechanic's inspection report. This information can be important when making your last call.

So what must you do if issues are found during the vehicle inspection? You'll still would like to buy the auto if the difficulties are minor, but you must make an attempt to have the auto dealer cover all of the repairs before buying the car. Obtain a written guess from the engineer who has done the inspection re the amount he or she would charge to make the repairs. If the dealer is unable to make those repairs, offer to buy the auto at a lowered price to cover the price of the repairs later .

If an auto dealer refuses to allow you to take the auto to a mechanic for a vehicle inspection, leave. Any dealer willing to hide possible difficulties with a vehicle is dangerous to deal with. If they give a short term warranty and a promise to make repairs in the future, get the guaranty in writing. A straightforward handshake and verbal guarantee is often handily forgotten by a dealer after money has changed hands. Never take the dealer's word the automobile is in good shape. Make the extra effort to be certain the investment you make is a good one.

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