Good Product, Will Purchase Again - Phone Mount For Car Critique

By Samuel Nelson

I love this mount. I have been looking for a mount that can hold my iPod 120mg and it also holds my 3G Slide great. I first tried the vent mount. It seems easy to install it on the vent. I don't use the suction cup part of it so I can't comment on that (I think sticking things to my window will make it look ugly and tacky). I couldn't be happier. I love it!

The windshield mount is great. It holds the phone snugly but without depressing buttons on the phone. Good price for the product, and not too many other similar choices on the market that I saw. How it holds onto the air vents isn't very strong - if you try to adjust the angle of the phone, or attach a power or earphone cable, while the phone is held in place, it will easily fall off the vent (dangerous to the phone itself, if it fell in just the wrong way).

The vent mount swivels nicely to allow for a good viewing angle while attached to either the driver's side or passenger's side central vents of my cars. I have not tried the windshield mount. As I often say in Amazon reviews: if you THINK you want this product, then you do. You might be worried that it won't work with your smart phone, or that the low price implies a lack of quality. I have found that the piece that sticks in your AC Vents is useless in my car, but the windshield mount works great just like a GPS would. I love it because it opens wide enough to fit my Thunderbolt with the Otterbox case on it.

This product earns my 4 stars as I rarely give out 5 stars unless it's way above my expectations. This product offers a good balance of quality, style and price. The prongs are in the way if you want to charge your phone while in the mount. You can reposition the phone in the holder for it to fit, however, or flip the would be nice if they made the prongs removable or adjustable. One of my two major complaints with the mount is that the foam pads that hold the phone are very quickly deteriorating. They definitely won't last long. So, I can say confidently that the windshield mount works great, but I can't say anything about the other two. I bought this mount and am honestly happy with it.

I haven't had much success with car mounts for either the HTC Hero or Droid Incredible, but the Arkon has been the best I've tried so far and is inexpensive compared to others. I've used it in both a Honda CR-V and Toyota Yaris. Phone is securely held and buttons are accessible. Quality seems a little flimsy but low price offsets this.

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