How to get the Car you Always Wanted

By Bob Surge

When we're shopping for a regular everyday runabout, maybe a used Seat Leon or a small used Peugeot 206, we may have some set criteria but we won't always have a specific model in mind. Ultimately, the buyer is often happy to settle for any number of vehicles in their price range but on rare occasions, they get to shop for the car of their dreams. When this happens, stricter criteria and more care and attention should be applied.

When you have a specific car in mind then you should accept that you may have to travel much further than you would if you were buying from a range of similar vehicles. Your dream car may be found several hundred miles away from your home but if you're serious about buying it then this should not become an issue. Similarly you should also look at all of your possible buying outlets.

If you're looking for new car deals then your buying possibilities are naturally going to be far more limited and a visit to a new car showroom is really your only option. It's likely that you will already be aware of the price but the important thing to remember is that you don't have to compromise. If it's a specific colour, trim or interior that you have your heart set on then insist on it and don't be swayed by any sales talk.

The advantage of searching for new car deals is that you don't have to travel hundreds of miles for your dream vehicle and you don't have too many buying possibilities that can confuse you. However, if it's a used vehicle you're after then you need to think more carefully. Maybe you have your heart set on a used Seat Leon or a used Peugeot 206 or perhaps you're looking for a classic car. In these cases, more care and attention is required.

If you're looking to purchase used cars that are still in production then your task is relatively straightforward. Once again however, if it's a specific car you have in mind such as a used Seat Leon or a used Peugeot 206, make sure you get that vehicle in order to avoid any potential disappoint.

Cover all your buying options in order to get what you want: This means checking local ads in your area as well as nationwide dealer websites both online and in the trade magazines. Remember to check online auction sites too which are extremely popular and don't forget that if your car isn't immediately available, make sure you're prepared to wait.

It's important not to compromise but it's also vital not to buy your dream car if there are potential problems. Maybe you've arrived to see the car only to find that some major mechanical or body work is required that would see you spending more money than you've anticipated and if that's the case, don't let your heart rule your head.

In these circumstances you should be prepared to walk away if you have to. Getting the dream car you wanted may require a great deal of patience and you shouldn't be tempted to buy a vehicle that just isn't right. However, with perseverance and by covering all of your options, you will certainly secure the car you've always wanted.

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