I Liked This Fan So Much I Bought Four - Universal Car Mount For Cell Phone Critique

By Andrew Green

The suction cup works great and leaves no marks on the windshield upon removal. Adjustments are virtually unlimited.

Very versatile and only a little bouncy (but that may be my POS minivans fault) All in all for how cheap it is you can't go wrong. The window mount is excellent, especially for the price. It does a great job securely holding my HTC Evo and my Samsung Epic both in vertical and horizontal positions. I'm always concerned when buying any item that mounts to the windshield.

I purchased to hold my iPhone 4 in my vehicle. Suction cups holds very well.

I am ordering a 2nd one for my other car. It is cheap and works well connected to the vent.

That thing is very feeble and doesn't hold the device well at all. It seems to fit my Odyssey vent easily though unlike many people's experiences where it won't mount on the vents at all. This case wraps the Droid 2 in a rubberized plastic case that clips into a retention holster, so as a result the Arkon clamp won't be able to touch the volume or photo buttons. I used the suction cup mount and it works beautifully, although it gets hard to remove from the windshield. Now I am left with junk, with the broken piece floating around somewhere inside the vent. Everything else was okay, didn't really use the windshield portion, but the main thing I purchased this for was the Vent Mount which failed.

I drive a Corvette Z06 and I have limited windshield room due to the steep rake and low roof but this thing works great. I also need something won't come loose while cornering and send my $500 phone flying out a window or under my pedals and this is the right product! This is still a bit disappointing, as in my car, mounting it on the windshield puts the phone up fairly high, which is why I wanted the vent mount. If you want a vent mount, I'd look elsewhere. But for use with your navigation app and/or traffic layer, it's great. I picked this mount because I wasn't sure whether I'll be using the dashboard mount, or the vent mount. With the tubing in place, the mount is rock solid in the vent, and the X is rock solid in the mount, even on bumpy dirt mountain fire roads. I would buy again in an instant.

I won't have to buy a new holder for next/new phone. Cons: The adjustable arms are released with a push button/stick that is spring loaded.

I like the adjustable design so that it works with my iPhone 4 in many different case designs. All the buttons and dock charger are available.

Couldn't get the vent attachment to work on our vents (Toyota Siena), but the windshield mount works, and we were able to use our Incredible to navigate on a few long trips. We were able to access all of the buttons, and it's a pretty minor issue to have to put the phone in "Car Mode" yourself rather than having the mount do it for you.

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