Prepare Yourself Whenever You Go To Purchase Your New Car

By Andrea Percontino

Buying a new automobile is something Americans enjoy, and when the mood hits them they want to be driving a new car almost immediately, without any todo. This cannot be very sensible, given the cost of cars, which rank only behind buying a house as your biggest lifetime expense. Think of all of the things you experience prior to buying a new house, but never even consider when buying a car.

When you buy a house, there's someone beside you every step of the way, starting with the broker who must find the right house for you. You can have a lawyer confirm that the contract is not prejudicial, and then there's the title company which determines that you will get clear title before allowing you to pay for the house. There is not a single person to help you when you decide to go in to buy a new car. You can complete the entire process of buying a new car in a few hours flat, and drive off with your new car. You can get it done this way, but the truth is you may end up spending a lot more than you should.

One tip that you need to do for sure will be to make one trip to the dealership with no intention of buying your car that day. Promise yourself that you'll only look and test drive the vehicles, and then return home to do some research. Online, research dealers' fees, safety ratings and option prices - also check for manufacturer to dealer incentives that you weren't told about. Find out before you actually go into the dealership, how much you can afford to spend, and don't get talked into a more expensive car under any circumstances. If you fail to take care of the payments, you are the one who will suffer the consequences, having your car taken away by the bank.

Whenever a calculation is done by the finance supervisor, make him show you the calculations. By just putting in a couple of dollars to your monthly payment, which you will never be aware of, car dealerships can increase the amount of money they make. You may for example point out that you can afford $600 each month, and the salesman, knowing full well that he could give it to you for $570, tells you he has a deal for $590. The info he gives you pleases you, but at the same time the dealership is taking an extra $20 per month of your money. Help them avoid dishonesty and keep your cash safe. Every little thing you discover about the car, don't forget to write it down, even what the salesman is saying. This will keep everyone on the same page, and hopefully more honest.

Investing in a new automobile should be something that you enjoy, so keep charge and keep the thought in mind that this new car is yours. If you don't like the way the situation is going, and don't trust the people you are dealing with, go somewhere else, because the decision is yours, not theirs.

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