Ship workers are shielded by a distinctive regulations called the Jones Act

By Farlann Rothman

As California operates some of the most hectic shipping ports in the USA, Los Angeles work injury attorneys are finding that they have to diversify into coping with workers compensation issues for maritime workers.

Workers compensation for land workers has been around for over 100 years, and has been successfully compensating employees for injuries experienced while at work for this length of time. However when it came to maritime workers, they found themselves under the jurisdiction of admiralty law. This is a law which was archaic in nature and dated back centuries.

Even as little as seventy years ago, sailors who were hurt at sea found themselves being given a paltry sum of money which left them financially deficient, while getting over (in a number of cases) pretty horrendous injuries, to the extent that some couldn't afford to support their families. In some cases, injuries were so severe that many men never went to sea again and simply couldn't work either. This often left them with crippling debt. However in 1920 this all changed when the Jones act came into existence.

The Jones act is classed as a Fed. law and differs from land based employees compensation in that it is negligence based. This means that hurt employees are allowed to seek compensation for any injuries sustained while working, against their employer or any other worker. Land based employees compensation on the other hand, is a 'no blame ' policy whereby provided the employer isn't discovered to be way culpable, there is 'no blame ' attached to the company owner.

Under the Jones act, in order for a maritime employee to receive workers compensation, they must prove the owner of the company or indeed a company employee or immediate boss was negligent in their duties. Additionally as a shipyard employee it is your duty to be conversant with the Jones Act. This is to help become aware about your privileges and rights as a maritime worker.

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