Why Van Renting Can Be A Good Idea For Moving House

By Daniel Handler

Car leasing is a good idea when it comes to moving across town. Why hire a moving company when you can handle the move yourself? Moving company costs more than leasing a vehicle and you will own the vehicle for a longer period of time. This is a smart decision on many levels.

Hiring a moving company to work with your schedule, along with a closing date on a new home, can be difficult at times, but when you have your own car leasing, everything will work on your schedule. Hired help is not always the best way to go. When someone you don't know is coming into your home to pack up your belongings and then move them across town or to another town that is a big trust commitment. When you have your own van, you can take your time and do it the way you want.

With a van at your disposal, a six month or one year lease should cost less than hiring a company to move your belongings. And the added benefit of having the van for more than the weekend will prove to be a smart move. Many times when you move into a new apartment or home, there are things you need, most of which you didn't realize you needed until the move.

With a rental truck, you are limited to a small window of time. This could be anywhere from four hours to a weekend. Then you will need to rush back to the rental company to return the vehicle. With a leasing van, you have much more time to pack and unload and do the move the right way.

If you are leasing a van or truck, you will have it for at least six months or a year. This will allow you to purchase large items your new home will need, and not on the day of the move because you have the rental truck. Many times people make spur of the moment decisions on large items like kitchen appliances or furniture simply because they have a rental truck to save a few bucks on the delivery charge. With a leased vehicle, you will be able to shop around for the right appliance or a living room outfit and then save on delivery charges by taking it home with you.

Naturally there is going to be many small trips to the store for various things your new house will need. A van will come in handy to help collect all the supplies from the store. A trip to the store for one thing ultimately ends up being a larger trip than planned and that means more in your cart and more in the vehicle.

With a new home, there are always going to be new things that are needed or things that need replacing. These could be little things like a shower curtain or something major like a reclining chair. The larger the item, the more money you will save on delivery charges and that means the van leasing will practically pay for itself.

A car lease is the answer to why van leasing for a move is better than short term hire of a moving company. In the long run, having a van at your disposal for more than a weekend makes more sense. It is also better for the environment when you compare a smaller van to the large moving trucks.

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