The World's Most Dangerous Roads for Motorbike Accidents

By Simon Thompson

As winter creates more hazardous driving conditions for motorcyclists across the UK, it's vital to consider the many dangers that face you every day. Motorcyclists represent only 1% of traffic on Britain's roads however they account for up to 20% of deaths and serious injuries. As a result of the dangers of biking, motorcyclists are 40 times more likely to be killed than car drivers on the road.

This year the Road Safety Foundation revealed the A537 through the Peak District is Britain's most dangerous road, taking the lives of twenty bikers in the last five years. However, across the world there far worse journeys that have led to the death of many motorcyclists. Here are the top three most dangerous roads in the world:

* The North Yungas Road, Bolivia - Better known as the "Death Road", the 60km track takes fearless motorists from the Bolivian capital of La Paz to the town of Corioco. Traffic travels in both directions yet the road is barely more than three meters wide and there are no guard rails to prevent a 600m fall. The road has already claimed thousands of lives, with crosses marking the many spots where vehicles have fallen.

* Bolivia - The North Yungas Road - Only a short 60km road between the countries capital La Paz and the town of Corioco, but it is in fact responsible for more fatalities than any other road. Known to locals as the "Death Road", traffic narrowly makes it past one another with the fear of a 600m drop should they fail to do so. The road has claimed thousands of lives, with crosses marking many areas where motorists have fallen to their deaths.

* New Zealand - Skippers Road - Due to a number of motorbike accidents in previous years, this road is considered too dangerous for the average biker. More experienced motorcyclists can however apply for a permit to travel down to the river where a reward of white water rafting or bungee jumping awaits those who manage to get down.

How to Prevent the Risk of Motorcycle Accidents this Winter

With Britain feeling the bitter cold of the winter weather, it's vital that bikers take extra care on the roads. Here are a few tips to help you be better prepared for the hazardous weather conditions:

* In particularly icy conditions it can take up to ten times longer to slow down so be sure to keep a safe speed, gently steer and avoid harsh breaking.

* Slow down in icy conditions, gently steer and avoid harsh breaking. It can take up to ten times longer to stop when the road is wet or icy.

* In icy conditions it can take up to ten times longer to stop. Remember to always slow down, gently steer and avoid harsh breaking.

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