3 Common-sense Suggestions to getting a killer deal on the most-reliable scooter

By Shane Jensen

A couple of weeks back, I set out to find the best scooter in the world. Boy was I in for a treat! Without knowing anything about scooters, I seriously had no idea what I was getting into. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of brands and models to choose between and most of them have very little to learn from information on the company web sites. And the only sites that have solid information and picutres, their scooters cost more than $5000. And to make things worse, I came to find out, that per capita, scooters are in highest demand in my state - so every time I found a fair deal on one, it was gone. But after two weeks of research, I finally found the easiest way to get a good deal and here it is.

Hunting for scooters in Utah is surprisingly tougher than you may expect - you'll see what I am saying if you do a search for scooter utah. For whatever reason, Utah has one of the highest search volumes in the Country for scooters and mopeds - as I learned from Google. It potentially has something to do with Utah also having some of the highest gas prices in the country. In any case, here are the 3 tips to getting a scooter utah, but I'm sure they'll apply in your state as well:

1. Chinese scooters or not Chinese scooters? That is the question...

At the beginning, ask yourself if you'd need a Chinese Scooter or not? There are benefits and drawbacks to this decision, it just depends on what you need. I've also written another article on just Chinese scooters if you are interested. But to keep this short, just know if you are ok with Chinese Scooters, you are going to have to go through a lot of junkers to find a great one. These guys tend to be the most reliable for chinese mopeds and scooters http://sunnysidescooters.com/ScooterTips.html. They were very pleasant when I had tons of questions and they gave me some brilliant stuff for scooter tips.

2. How much power do you want? 150cc, 125cc, 50cc, or more?

CC stands for cubic centimeters. It is the cubic capacity of the engine. Generally, 150cc scooters go about 60mph, 50cc scooters go about 30mph, and 250cc scooters go about 80mph. And you give up enhanced gas mileage the higher you go in CCs. In scooter utah, anything 150cc and above needs a motorcycle license. You'll want to check with your local dmv for scooter laws on this. But this was a big factor for me, 'cause I did not want to go and get my motorbike license just for a scooter. What's cool, is I ended up finding a Lance Scooter that was 125cc, however it went as quick as all the other 150cc scooters I found.

3. Is the scooter CARB and/or DOT licensed for your state?

It may seem funny, but not all scooters and mopeds have been certified in all 50 states. Some manufacturers have cut corners and tried to save a couple of dollars, and as a result they've produced some heavy garbage. It's very significant to make sure your scooter is built by a solid business and a reputable scooter company. All the good companies, include warranties. I will put together a list for you with all the makers I called and checked out and the benefits and downsides of each scooter.

So what scooter did I end up choosing for my scooter utah rides? I ended up going with the Lance Cali Classic 125cc. I sort of let the cat out of the bag earlier, but it has been an amazing scooter so far, and I am sure it is going to be for several years to come. And I did not have to get my motorbike license, which is a definite plus. If you want to reach me below and I can send you more information.

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