The Powerful Yamaha VMAX Motorcycle Is certainly Not A Bike For Rookies

By Alexa Lie

Do you devote a lot of time racing motorcycles or do you just prefer to hit the highway on a fast cycle? The Yamaha VMAX, or Velocitus Maximus for short, first arrived on the market in 1985 and is considered to be one of the fastest motorcycles out there. The motorcycle is perfect for encountered bikers who appreciate exhilarating speeds when they go out for a ride. The VMAX is known as a heavier motorbike that is very popular and represents the best when it comes to speed.

Its most outstanding characteristic is the V-Boost which is capable of speeds as high as 800 RMP. Butterfly valves separate the row of four downshaft carburetors which supply the cylinders. The V-Boost supplies a horsepower that is unequaled by other hot rod bikes on the market. Additionally, the V-Boost supplies effortless acceleration very quickly. With a V4 1200 CC engine, V-Boost, and 145 HP, the first VMax was just offered in the USA. The year 1986 saw the European launch of a 104 HP style by Yamaha. The V-Boost feature was not offered on these types of European bikes. A digital electronic ignition was added to the bike prior to being released in Japan in 1990.

Because they were implementing more stringent restrictions on noise in Europe changes had to be made to the European model. So in 1996 there was a switch to a black exhaust system by Yamaha, which unfortunately wasn't very well received by bike owners, therefore the chrome design was back in 1998. For many bike riders, the VMAX is much more powerful than what they need, but for the thousands of members of the VMAX Owners Association, they are most proud of their bikes. The Association schedules rallies and motorcycle events for their many members. This bike is also used in drag racing due to the great edge the opposition enjoy with the VMAX. Modified VMAX bikes have been seen to reach speeds of more than 200 MPH in a quarter mile at major competitions.

Since it was introduced in 1985 the Yamaha VMAX has become a fast selling motorcycle. The bike has a potent design, with the black and chrome color passing on a muscular look. For some people this deficiency of originality is the only disadvantage. Many have corrected this by incorporating their own individual touches to make their bike unique. What they have done is add unique exhaust systems, different mirrors, adding decals to various places on the motorcycle, and much more. Another thing that has been done by a lot of bikers is to change the original seat with a more comfortable one. These things are easy to do, because the power of the bike is the primary appeal.

The Yamaha VMAX has been the top muscle bike worldwide for more than 20 years. Although definitely not a bike for a beginner, it has consistently been a top option in appearance and performance.

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