Getting A Boating License Is The Right Thing To Do, And Preserves Our Recreational Areas

By Adriana Noton

No matter what activity we engage in for enjoyment, it seems there is always some form of charge involved. Citizens have come to understand that these fees are usually quite a bargain of we consider what they buy. A boating license is o different than the other licenses we incur, and they help keep our recreational areas available.

When it comes to t he great outdoors, it is a misunderstanding that all that is involved is getting there and starting the vacation. Experienced individuals may covet the remote, untouched wilderness of our nation, but most of us do not. If we plan to enjoy nature, we prefer there be some basic services that make it more pleasant.

Water sports are great fun and we engage in these activities often without realizing the preparation of the area. We expect that if there is any condition that would make our pleasure ride unsafe, someone will have identified it and either correct it or warn us in advance. Likewise, we want someone monitoring for the unusual presence of dangerous sharks or even stinging jelly fish.

We take for granted there will be someone to help us learn safe boating. We believe there will be someone to ensure that individuals do not take unsafe vessels out into our pathway. We hope that someone will be watching to ensure no one gets too close to the animals and hurts or harasses them.

There are also the issues of facilities, boat ramps and even fueling locations without which our parks would not be boater friendly. The actual fuel and other consumables, of course, are paid for by the individuals using them. But the structures and the people working to keep them up are government employees, and the revenue stream for such activity is severely restricted.

While water sports are very popular, there is a level of risk greater than many other endeavors as is the nature of water recreation. To counter that, we enjoy the many programs designed and executed to inform and educate the public in the pursuit of safe use of the water. There is also a real need to monitor the use and misuse of our environment.

In addition to the places we visit to begin our excursions on the water, there are concerns for the lakes rivers and shores themselves. Erosion is a constant threat, whether caused by overuse, weather or the action of the water and tides. Stabilizing the shores and countering erosion are functions that require constant attention.

For those who not only want to ski, para sail or just cruise, the animals we capture for sport and to eat also require the attention of authorities. Over fishing can deplete a species over time, and we all want our children and grandchildren to have as much fun landing the big as we do. A boating license is much more than just a tax on those who own boats, it is an investment in the outdoors that impacts us all.

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