Inflatable Boats: Practical and Economical

By Danny Matterson

There are two main benefits that enthusiastic boaters get from inflatable boats. These two lie in the area of practicality and economics.

And because of these, government agencies and private organizations are making these vessels part of their line of research and rescue equipment. Divers also like to use these boats as diving platforms because they are very stable.

The practical aspect of inflatable vessels lies primarily in its hassle-free storage. After deflating your boat, you can virtually put it in any space or room you desire. It's easy to store inflatables at the trunk of your vehicle after each expedition so you can later put it in your garage or even under your bed after you've cleaned your inflatable.

Transporting inflatable rafts are not a problem at all. If you have a featherweight-- that is, a boat that weighs less than thirty kilograms-- then you can simply carry it with you.

Two or three people carrying a rubber duck can actually pause to smile for the camera. That's because it only takes that many to effortlessly carry inflatables between thirty to a hundred kilograms. Sure, there are inflatables that need to be carried with a trolley or wheels but where ease of transport is your criterion, hard shells do not come close to the convenience offered by inflatable boats.

Another reason why inflatable boats are economical is because they are cheaper to purchase, are simpler to maintain and possess a higher resale value. With $4,000 to $6,000, you can already get the best and most expensive inflatable rigs around while $2,000 can still get you a very decent quality rubber boat. These prices are way more affordable compared to the cost of solid wood boats that can easily run to tens of thousands of dollars at the cheapest.

So your boat will last as long as you want it to, you will have to maintain it. Heavy boat users should make it a point to clean their boats once a month while all boaters should give their rigs a thorough clean up before storing it away for the winter. Strong detergents, acids and mineral spirits are damaging and should not be used as cleaning agents. Rather, follow manufacturer's recommendations as to what product to use or stick with good old liquid soap and fresh water.

You need a hose to remove all the dirt and foreign objects on your boat but high pressure cleaning hoses are not necessary and can potentially damage your boat. Dry the boat well before storing it. Since mice and rats can chew through the fabric of your inflatables, ensure that the area you store your inflatable in is free from rats large and small.

You can do away with mooring fees with inflatable boats since these can be stored right in your own home, further enhancing their economic worth. Finally, if you've had your inflatable for quite a long time and want to buy a new one, you can always find a market for your inflatables because of the rising demand for rubber ducks these days.

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