Managing Luggage When Traveling Made Easy

By Byron Jonas

Many people could use advice on managing luggage when traveling, especially those who frequently go away for work or vacations. Airlines often have restrictions on what you can carry with you and what must go separately. Some of these rules vary, and others are consistent with almost every airline. At any rate, it's an important thing to think about before you go so that you can make your trip as efficiently as possible.

If you are traveling by plane, it's best to start on the airline's website, or call a customer service representative. Here, you can find out exactly what you're allowed to bring on flight with you. Most allow a larger bag, like a small suitcase or large duffel bag and another smaller piece of baggage like a purse or backpack. If you know the limits, you can avoid spending extra time and money by checking in extra bags.

There are ways to make traveling easier by packing your bags more efficiently. One way to do this is to carefully mix and match your clothing. Instead of three pairs of jeans, bring the one pair that will go with more tops. Also keep in mind that most hotels have laundry facilities you can use so that you don't need to pack an outfit for each day you'll be gone.

Also, there are ways to maximize the space that you do have in your bags. Rolling up clothes rather than folding them saves room. Try to fill all empty spaces - for instance pack your socks inside of a pair of shoes. Companies sell bags that you can pump the air out of leaving your clothing compressed, which saves a great deal of space. Consider trial sized toiletries, or plan on buying them when you arrive.

Another way to save room in your baggage is by wearing a lot of items at once instead of packing them. Dress in layers and simply remove a layer on the plane if you get too warm. If you're bringing a jacket or heavier boots, wear them instead of packing them. Not only will you save room, your bags will be lighter and more manageable.

Lots of time is wasted when traveling if you've brought something along that isn't allowed due to airline regulations. It's best to find out about any restrictions before you leave to assure yourself the smoothest experience possible. Rules pertaining to personal belongings and liquids are new, and could change at any time. A quick look at the airline's website can save you lots of time and aggravation later.

With a little planning in advance of your trip, you can learn ways to manage your luggage for the easiest travel. Discover ways to pack lightly, but also efficiently so that you don't forget anything you need. Regulations may vary from carrier to carrier and from month to month, so do be aware of any of these issues before you go. Doing so will ensure you the most hassle free traveling experience possible.

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