Small Campers Are Comfy And Cosy

By Kevin Hartley

When it comes to comfy, cosy cultural driving, nothing really beats small campers. Just taking a look at one parked on the side of the road is enough to make you think, "hmm, I could use one of those". Whether it's an old sixties hippie style camper or a new modern type, it doesn't matter they all have that same snuggle effect to them.

Small campers have been linked to road trips across various continents since the 1960's. When you are out and about on the road you will often notice families travelling and going on their vacations in them. There are numerous reasons to own a camper whatever your individual reasons are. They can be used as a home if you want to travel the world, you often see them looking like they have been to the end of the world and back again. There aren't any another vehicles that have such a presence on our roads.

There are a lot of different versions of campers. Here are a few:

You have off-road variations which suit best for camping trips with the family, if you know you are heading to a rural location.

The most well known is the classic Volkswagen campers that used to be very popular in the 1960's and 1970's and have recently been made as reissues. You will still see many of them on todays roads and it seems that they are making a come back and are fashionable once again.

Some British and European designs are:

A-class - This is probably too large to be classed as a small camper as it is 7.5 tonnes, however the European versions are generally smaller than anywhere else for the A-class design.

High top - The high top design is made without coach built modifications. Sometimes are fitted with shower units. Which can be handy on a vacation!

Rising Roof- This small camper is designed around a small van. The roof can be extended upwards and is then formed into a bed. The roof is usually made from fabric.

There are many more designs of small campers available, that is just a short list of the more popular ones. With a small camper you will have to rearrange the interior to setup the living and sleeping areas. More modern campers are now often fitted with gas and electric and may even be fitted with a refrigerator. Older models may not have such home comforts these were just for sleeping in, but newer models are like a home from home. Some may even contain air conditioning units which are particularly handy if you are travelling in warmer climates.

The customer is always the top priority when the manufacturers are designing and building them. When travelling, you should always keep things simple and a small camper can help you to do just that. They are usually built with their own specialty and purpose and are designed for simplicity and effectiveness. Unlike other vehicles, they offer you accommodation and travel for your vacation.

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