The Types Of Motorbikes

By Homer Batcher

Motorbikes are created for lots of different tasks. And because of this they are all different depending on what task the bike was built for.

Nowadays because people like to travel around a lot there are lots of different uses for motorcycles and because of this motorbike sales are booming.

There are far too many cars on the road these days which causes lots of traffic jams and stress.

Motorbikes are the way to go because you avoid all of this and can cut through the traffic jams as if they weren't there. There are more and more enviromentally friendly bikes being built and sold at the moment that focus on low fuel consumption. These bikes are known as town bikes and are a great way to travel.

The bikes that are designed for racing are usually very light and bare. It's pretty much a frame and an engine. These bikes are made for speed and acceleration.

Motorbikes designed for long distance travelling are also a totally different type of bike. They're usually very comfortable with luggage space on the back.

And totally different to the long distance bikes are the bikes built for style. They aren't built for speed or comfort, they're just built to look cool. Most of these bikes are very noisy and aggressive and fit the biker image.

And then of course there are the off road bikes which are a huge amount of fun. With these bikes you can go up mountains or over rocks because they're built to pretty much go over anything. They can also be pretty dangerous.

And as I'm sure you know, it's really important to be safe on your bike. So wear a helmet and padding. And don't worry you'll still look cool!

It doesn't matter whether you've got a little skinny town scooter to get you to work or an dirt bike to go up mountains you'll still have a big smile on your face that you just wouldn't have if you were sitting in a car.

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