Ways to Improve Your Skiing and Snowboarding Skills

By Ferdinand Antonius

Many beginners don't fully understand the dangers involved in the sport of skiing and snowboarding. Getting caught up in the excitement of the slopes is very easy to do. Learning about the safety issues related to skiing and snowboarding is critical. You can help ensure a safe day of skiing or snowboarding with the proper skills and training. Use the following tips for skiing and snowboarding to help you stay safe. deck boats

If snow levels are at or near their highest avoid skiing near trees. Conditions such as asphyxiation and hypothermia consistently take a life each year without fail when skiing. Tree wells are one thing many are not familiar with. Deep snow is where these can be found most often such as in Colorado. A tree well occurs around the base of trees after a great deal of snow has had time to build-up. The reason this happens is because thelow branches prevent packing of the snow at the tree base. Many of these wells get deep enough to be several feet over theaverage person's head. The skier typically falls in head first. The snow is so loose that it's difficult to move without sinking more.

You can advance your skiing skills further by mastering short turns. Doing pivot slip turn drills will help you improve your short turn ability. Perform this drill by facing downhill, then rotating both your legs left to right by 180 degrees. This is known as the pivot slip turn drill. The drill can be made a little easier if you perform it on groomed snow. You can help maintain a smooth flow and your overall rhythm with proper pole planting. To learn how to properly execute this drill, sign up for a short instruction session with a professional ski instructor.

After that, you simply need to make time to practice the drill.

Efficiency of turns is one thing you can do to advance your skiing skills. One method to do that is by breaking the wedge habit during turns. But it's easier said than done for many people. Mastering this skill is difficult but we know you'll enjoy the increased control after you've learned it. You will have to use only one leg to stop the wedge. Just shift your balance to one side. then slowly lighten up and tip your other side. Once you can do this with confidence, then you'll be just a little better with control.

Pole planting is the most overlooked aspect of skiing, even though it is one of the most important tools. Pole plantings is important for its use in turning and effective pole planting will allow you to time your turns better. Proper pole placement can help you maintain your balance better in addition to helping improve your turning ability and technique. The correct position for holding your poles is to have them in front of your body and up, and then your arms are positioned away from you body. You can find various different safety devices and systems for the avid skier and snowboarder. While you don't need to go to extreme measures, it is exceedingly valuable to understand the potential hazards and how to deal with the local terrain. You will need to research any unfamiliar locations that you want to travel to. You can also check out local ski shops to get additional information.

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