2011 Specialized and Felt Road Bike Launches

By Debra J. Williams

Riding a bike is just one of the best ways to burn calories and get fit. You can do this family and friends and they too can get the health benefits of the sport. Furthermore, you can also get the opportunity to do some sight-seeing most especially if you are a nature loving person. For the adventurous types, you can use your bike and hurl yourself of the mountain. Biking is now a very well known exercise activity for many people of different ages.

Bikes these days are now far from its humble beginnings. With modern technology, it can withstand almost any terrain. It is now made of many strong alloys and can be designed to break speed records. Specialized bikes are now all the rage. They are so in demand right now and many enthusiasts can't get enough of them because of quality and endless customization. So if you want to get hold on a bike of you own, here are some tips that can help you in making that decision.

You need to choose the type of bike you want. This means that you have to determine the purpose of the bike. Road bikes are sturdy for the asphalt road and are designed to be fast. ON the other hand if you are into scaling up or down hills or mountain trails, then the sturdier mountain bike is a good option like the Schwinn bikes. Every type of bike has its advantages and disadvantages so be sure that you have determined your purpose before buying one.

Next is to try to borrow a bike from friends or family. This will give you opportunity to check out how good a bike is especially between road bikes and mountain bikes. You can also get the feel on how these bikes behave on certain terrains. You also have to hang around your local bike store more often. Get to know more the products and maybe get some advice from the staff on which one is best.

Resist the allure of cheap bikes. Try to avoid buying cheap bikes because there is a possibility that they won't last long. Branded bikes like Schwinn bikes are a bit expensive but they are worth every penny because you are guaranteed with quality. However, if you are hesitant on buying one, how about trying used road bikes or mountain bikes so that you can assess how the bike will work for you. Try it out for a few days and make your final decision afterwards. This can help you make a more informed decision so that you can spend your money wisely.

When you have the right bike, it is a guarantee that you will have the time of your life when you get that bike on the road or dirt. Branded ones are indeed expensive but they are worth the investment.

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