Ship Management Strategies Regarding Carnival Cruises

By Anne Gilmore

Among the top priorities in ship management is security. This move is in response to the escalating number of pirate attacks on industrial and luxury ship over the past years. Obtaining the services of private security companies or forming their own army are also being considered by ship management personnel as another way of preventing any attack. Ensuring the safety of their ship is very important that they are eager to spend a good amount of money.

Those that are into ship management estimate that it would cost between $30,000-50,000 per passage to arm a ship. This, according to experts, consists of personnel who were rigorously trained for arm-to-arm combat and taught to handle the newest combat equipment. The cost of arming a vessel per passage is really costly but ship owners claim that the money is worth.

Aside from investing in security personnel, owners are also considering to upgrade their communication procedures. It's ultimate advantage is a better and faster coordination with naval authorities like the Coast Guard. Among these upgrades include buying state-of-the-art satellites and sending in-house personnel for training on security standards in case attacks occur or security is violated.

With the attacks growing bolder by the year, ship management experts are stating that owners should learn to protect their vessels instead of primarily seeking protection from the government. As Per Gellestrup, (a negotiator who played a major role during peace talks with Somali pirates in 2008) stated, .. even the leading naval powers in the world have not been able to do anything about it and they won't until we do something fundamentally ashore in Somalia. Until then, we will not resolve this problem.

Ship management is almost similar to running a household with many children. The threat that one of them might be hurt is always there, that is why it's crucial that you are always prepared to avoid unfortunate circumstances. Arming a vessel might seem too much for some, but the vast sea cannot provide any protection. Hence preparedness is the key to safeguarding every important thing on board, including lives

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