Auto Insurance Wisconsin Is A Legal Requirement

By Allan Mallen

If you drive an automobile in the state of Wisconsin, remember that auto insurance Wisconsin is a legal necessity. You may be in a low risk or high risk group but it makes no difference, you must purchase it however expensive it is. If you can afford to have a car, you can afford to cover it with a policy in case of an accident.

There are minimum levels of coverage to apply to each age group and the most that will be paid out is set by law. For example, property damage carries maximum coverage of $15,000. Death or injury of one individual carries $50,000, and death or injury to two people or any number above two has maximum coverage of $100,000.

It became law on June 1, 2010 for drivers stopped by the police or involved in any accident, to be required to show proof of coverage if the police officer asks for it. This only applies to automobile drivers. There are consequences for driving without insurance.

When you are stopped without coverage you can be fined up to $500. Even if covered, but do not have proof along with you to show, you will be fined $10. A fine of $5,000 applies to the individual who gives fraudulent information about automobile coverage. If you lose your driver license for any reason, you will be required to show proof of coverage before you can regain it. This is required by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

You may be labeled a high risk driver because of your age or for various other reasons. If you drive extensively, such as the traveling salesman who travels as part of his job or have been ticketed for driving while intoxicated, you can also be considered high risk. Numerous speeding tickets can have the same repercussions.

Most significant, is the individual who has been involved in a number of accidents in the last three years. It is the major reason for someone being considered a high risk. There are different levels of cost from one person to another and also from one insurance company to another. It is wise to shop around before settling for one company.

Auto insurance Wisconsin, as well as other states has higher rates for teen age drivers and unmarried men under the age of twenty-five. They have statistically proven to be a high risk group of drivers. There are policies that cover the entire family of drivers and are sold at a discount. The cost to cover any driver is commensurate to what the insurer has had to pay out in the past. These companies are in business to make a profit.

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