Defend Your Legal Rights, Hire The Best Lancaster Personal Injury Lawyer

By Frank Edwards

Get in touch with an experienced Lancaster personal injury lawyer immediately following your dog bite injury is important. Following a dog bite personal injury, you might be going through substantial pain, treatment, medical expenses and more. With these usually comes pressure from the at-fault party's insurance company to provide your statement of the events that occurred leading up to the dog bite attack, or to settle your case for nickels on the dollar. When you've been attacked by a dog, time is critical. Your chance for a good result to your case improves considerably if you have a competent personal injury attorney defending your legal rights.

Traditionally within the United States, recovery for injury to the individual or property was based upon one of the legal concepts found within the family of common law torts. These principles include trespass, negligence, and strict liability. Each idea possesses its own aspects that should be shown by the injured party before the law would allow monetary recovery for the damages inflicted by a pet.

The legal wrong of trespass occurs when one party goes upon the property of another without authorization. An animal is recognized as a part of the owner of the animal. In case a car was inappropriately parked and rolled onto the land of another, causing damage, then the owner of the vehicle will be accountable for the damages caused. Likewise, it's proper to consider a pet to be a legal extension of the owner of the pet. Nonetheless, it must be mentioned that animals represent an intricate set of issues and thus the owner might or might not be liable for an animal's trespass.

Carelessness makes it possible for recovery for the action or lack of action by a pet owner. Recovery at law under this concept needs a showing by the injured party that there was a legal duty owed to the injured party by the pet owner/keeper, and that the injury arose as a result of violation of that obligation. Not all harms are recoverable since not all duties of a moral or social nature rise to the level of a legal obligation. In order to prove liability in a canine bite case there are a lot of matters which should be initially considered that may ensure efficient disposal as well as early payment of a pay out. Was the person who owned or was in control of the animal negligent and did they neglect to do something they should have done or did they do something that they should not have done thus not being able to exercise the required duty of care to members of the public?

A Lancaster personal injury attorney has to evaluate the case carefully in order to establish liability and negligence. Did the animal control authorities neglect to take action against a known aggresive canine? Does the state, city or town where the attack occurred have statutory strict liability which effectively makes the owner or custodian liable to pay compensation in nearly all circumstances where injury has occurred?

There might be an official record maintained by the animal control government bodies where the attack happened and where the canine owner previously lived with the attacking dog thereby providing sufficient proof on which to base a dog bite lawsuit.

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