Pimping Cars With "Car Window Stickers"

By Sally Tate

Personal possessions like cars speak volumes about you. It is necessary that the message they give out be a positive one. The easiest way to do this is to use "car window stickers". They are made from a carbon polymer called vinyl. Once the stickers are drawn and cut out, they are attached to the surface using an adhesive material.

It is important to make sure that the paint does not react with the adhesive. This is usually the case but being careful will not hurt you. The decals are similar to those that people use to decorate their homes. Unlike paint jobs they are temporary and can be removed and replaced at will and at lower costs.

Most companies offer customers the choice of presenting their ideal designs for the decals and then they are produced to fit the requirements. If you feel confident enough about your skills you can buy plain vinyl paper and design your own decal at home.

Customization of cars is done with spray painting. However is a relatively permanent process and is unsuitable when you want to decorate a car for a little while and then go back to the original design. For example when a company wants to use their cars or hired cars in promotional campaigns for a while and then go back to their normal activities. They could have vinyl adverts designed that will display the required promotional information for a while before they are removed.

Cars have many surfaces on which stickers could be put on. They include the bonnet, side panels, the roof, bumpers and even the interior. There are transparent decals that are appropriate for the windshield and tinted ones for the windows. This offers great choices during customization and decoration. The vinyl is easily washable and hence no dirt accumulates.

There is a way to have fun when driving. Funny decals are available for the outside of the car that will entertain those driving behind you or passing you and also for the inside to entertain the passengers. They could be funny quotes or sayings or they could be funny characters.

Having a bumper sticker that spells out your name will create the illusion of custom number plates in your name. This is a classy feature that many people desire. You could be giving a rental car and still get to add your personal taste to it. When the time comes to return it all you have to do is pull off the graphics and quotes. Those who want decorations on their bonnets that do not have any specific meaning are also catered for.

These enhancements are not just for cars. Other vehicles like motorcycles and scooters are also appropriate for decoration with them. It is not uncommon to see the fuel tanks of motorbikes displaying a decoration for example a fiery flame. The mud guards also have designs on them that increase the visual appeal of the bike.

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