Motorcycle Collision Stats and The way to Stay Safe on a Motorcycle

By Karrina Chompsky

Motorbike accidents normally result in grave or deadly wounds to the rider. Many of these accidents are deadly, or result in brain damage and permanent disability as well as, loss of salary, incredible hospital bills and the emotional and physical distress in consequence. Usually, bike accidents happen thanks to the failure of other motorists to see the bike involved.

It may surprise you to learn in most motorcycle accidents the rider of the motorcycle is not the reason for their collision. Additionally, fatal motorbike accidents occur more frequently than deadly vehicle accidents, according to the U. S. Dep. of Transportation's Death Research Reporting System. In reality there are 4 times more motorcycle accident fatalities than passenger car accident deaths, at roughly 75 deadly bike crashes per 100,000 registered motorcycles as compared to roughly 18.5 passenger auto accidents per 100,000 registered vehicles. In the U. S. , between 4,000 and five thousand bike deaths happen each year. Just about seventy five % of multiple automobile accidents concerning motorcycles are due to automobile driver's failing to recognise bikes right-of-way.

The following are a few data points on motorbike accidents:

- Only twenty five percent or less of motorbike accidents are single-vehicle accidents involving a motorcycle colliding with a fixed geographic object.
- 75% of single-vehicle bike accidents stem from motorcycle rider inaccuracy.
- Intersections are the most common location for motorcycle accidents.
- 80% of all fatal motorbike accidents occur off roads and roads.
- Only 33% of fatally hurt motorcyclists did not possess a legal license to drive a bike.
- sixty percent of motorcycle deaths occur at night and on the weekends.
- Most bike accidents, like car accidents, occur on short local trips.
- 96% of bike riders involved in accidents are male.
- Individuals between 16 and twenty-four years old are the likeliest to be involved in a motorcycle accident.
- 50% of lethal accidents are result of some type of the booze abuse.
- 60 percent of motorcyclists involved in motorbike accidents weren't wearing had protection dinner at the top of the accident.
- 73% of motorcyclists involved in accidents were wearing no eye protection at the time.
- Less than ten percent of motorcycle riders concerned in accidents have insurance.
- 92% of all accidents involving motorcyclists involve a writer who had no formal coaching on a motorcycle.
- Only 2 percent of motorcycle accidents stem from roadway defects, 1 percent cause by animal involvements and three percent are caused by vehicular failure.

The statistics indicate that most accidents spring from a mixture of auto driver negligence and motorcycle failure. If you've been in a bike accident, contact a motorcycle accident attorney immediately to find out more about your rights and options.

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