Heavy Duty Trucks Mishaps

By Isaac H. Bertoni

The quantity of road accidents involving heavy-duty trucks has gone up over the past few years. Also, the insurance premiums have actually escalated additionally.

Unfortunately we cannot talk about heavy-duty trucks as those small pick-up trucks but those scary 18-wheelers. Though the reasons for the mishaps occurring vary, quite often they are caused by the truck drivers. The paradox is the fact that despite triggering all these accidents, the truck driver never gets hurt because the huge trucks protect them from any harm.

A serious accident involving a truck generally involves several small cars, injuries and probably death. If you'd like to prevent those accidents, you must get further lessons from your driving school. Sad to say, the truck driving training centers want to train the drivers fast, ignoring the security matters. You need to try to study defensive driving on your own.

Some people think that driving a truck is similar to driving a sedan. While the driving concepts and the traffic rules are similar, we are talking about two different vehicles. Regular cars are just less difficult to drive because you have better control and requires less focus. Just consider parking a truck, and you will understand the differences.

A lot of the accidents that involve trucks are due to drowsy truck drivers.

Although the transportation companies are obliged to give reasonable transport times, (the company must allow 3 days for a 1500 kilometers transport in some countries), the drivers rather stay at their homes for one or two days, and then they would try to catch up in the last day. Attempting drive a truck for twenty four hours consecutive is very difficult, even with caffeine and other energizers in your body.

The top transport companies want to avoid those scenarios by installing GPS on the cars. Using the GPS, the companies can keep a count of how far a driver has driven over a period of time. Although the upfront cost is high, it will be of great benefit in the long term. First, a lot of money can be saved from restoring a damaged truck.

Secondly, your associates and clients will gain confidence in your services, knowing that their goods are watched and followed every second. Third, the price with insurance policies will be lowered, as an insurance company would have to take fewer risks if your trucks have GPS installed. As a matter of fact, an insurance business can provide an exceptional package with advanced services for your trucks.

Occasionally, the drivers would rather take their truck driver's license directly without doing the courses for smaller cars. While this is certainly a bit unusual, it can happen. It is advisable to go for a standard driver's license, after that move your way up to a truck driver's license. In this way, you are likely to accommodate yourself with the driving techniques, you will gain some skills, and you will be more effective while driving a large truck later.

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