Assistance That Will Make You Proud Of Your Garden

By Harvey Q. Xavier

You shouldn't rush the process of creating a beautiful garden. A lot of thought should go into the design stages, especially since some plants are extremely sensitive. It's definitely worth all of the effort though.

Do Not Overlook Your Pet: Many folks have the silly idea that your pet will not get along with your garden, this is inaccurate. It just calls for some resourceful thinking. When preparing to put your garden in; remember what provisions need to be made to accommodate your pet. When your pet uses your yard to relieve themselves, this will cause brown spots because of the nitrogen. You can keep this from happening by spraying the area with water or sprinkling with gypsum. The feces can simply be chucked in with the waste or shoveled up. However, don't make the mistake of putting it on a compost pile since it pets eat meat and their waste does not qualify as a healthy fertilizer. Remember that your pets will need water to drink and some shade, so take these factors into consideration when designing your garden.

It might seem stupid to state this but plants need light. Some plants might need more light than others, but they all need some. For example, growing mushrooms inside a shed is possible as they only need a small amount of light, whereas daisies need a good amount of sunshine. This basically means that how much light enters your yard, and the angles in which it enters, will determine where you can plant things and what you can plant. Throughout the day the plant's foliage must receive adequate sunlight from various positions, as light is one of the key things for plants to create energy. So you need to get the right types of plants in accordance with the lighting conditions in your yard, which is a fairly easy task as they have labels on.

Perennials are good because they are a one time investment compared to annuals which need to be bought each year. As there are many different perennials that are available on the market you can make amazing combinations. Plan your garden carefully so that you get the effect you want; remember this. Some perennials bloom later than others and some have a longer length of blooming time. By planning in advance a gardener can create a stunning effect as they know when their perennials are going to bloom. Bleeding hearts bloom in spring whereas hardy geranium's will bloom in the midsummer. Then there are fall bloomers like that mum and dahlia or the ones that bloom all summer like the evening primrose or the hollyhock. Throughout the season you can have a stunning garden if you know when the perennials are going to bloom.

It is well worth the effort to create an amazing garden. You simply need to take a deep breath and remember to enjoy the process since gardening is supposed to be a pleasant hobby and not a chore.

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