Speaker Manufacturers Are changing

By Zoe Clarke

While speakers may only appear to be a simple electronic product, to achieve high quality sound, speaker manufacturers have to do a considerable amount more than just assemble the necessary components of the speaker. In order to achieve high quality sound, speaker manufacturers must achieve the greatest balance between the elements including crossover points and amplification to name only two. What sells speakers is high quality sound. Typically, speaker manufacturers are considerably dependent on their long history of experience in manufacturing. Obviously, the more experience has been manufacturing speakers, the more advanced their technology will be.

The first thing that a speaker manufacturer has to do is determine what type of speaker that they want to manufacture. They have to decide if they want to manufacture speakers for movie theaters, indoor/outdoor speakers, or automobile speakers. In addition, they also have to decide how they are going to distribute their speakers. For instance, they have to determine if they will supply their speakers in other retail stores or sell them in their own retail stores. Also, they have to decide who will supply them with the components that they need such as magnets, cone papers, and voice coils and when the components will be supplied.

Like any business, speaker manufacturers must make sure that their prices are competitive while delivering a high quality speaker. In addition, they must keep up with the technology. For example, they have to keep up with the measuring and testing parameters for loudspeakers. Since the field of manufacturing speaker is so highly specialized, they must have a considerable amount of experience in this industry. This experience may be obtained by working in a similar business. It the speaker manufacturers that don't have this experience can hire the engineers and technicians that do have the experience.

The cabling costs have been greatly affected by the increasing costs of petroleum and copper as well as the costs of neodymium, which is a rare earth mineral. The increasing costs of petroleum have been affecting cabling costs for a long time.

Speaker magnets are critical in the manufacture of many of the loudspeakers that have a low profile by manufacturers including BG Radia, Totem Acoustics, Wisdom Audio, Earthquake, Definitive Technology, and Martin Logan. Many speaker manufacturers use ferrite that have the similar characteristics as neodymium but are required to have a larger magnet and not all speaker manufacturers use drivers that are made from neodymium.

One supplier of neodymium in China has recently increased its prices by 40% because of the increasing costs of neodymium. There are many experts believe that this price increase will be felt by speakers manufacturers in the US sooner or later.

The experts report that the costs for many of the rare minerals that are used in the manufacture of speakers have continually increased in price as a result of the increased costs due to the mining restrictions and the reduced export quotas for rare earth minerals in China. The exports in China are over 90 percent of the world's rare earth minerals. The Chinese government has recently limited the export quotas for these minerals and they control this market.

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