Car Repair Costs: Fuel Injection Services, Are They Worth It?

By Gilbert Murray

Fuel injection services are growing in popularity for the following reasons in the order of motive.

1) Increases service center's profit

2) It is an easy sell with today's gas costs

3) Offsets manufacturers' maintenance reductions

4) Poor gas quality

5) Poor adherence to vehicle upkeep

Observe that "It's required" did not make the list. That is because fuel injection services are not required most of the time.

However, injector services are at times beneficial, even essential. See the following frequently asked question and answers...

What do they do?

Based on the product, injection services clean naturally forming carbon deposits from the fuel injectors and fuel rails-some will even clean the fuel tank, and valve carbon deposits.

Do they work?

In short, yes. Provided it's a premium product (such as BG), and the service is performed properly. Fuel injection services can do amazing things. They can enhance fuel efficiency, improve horse energy, and repair some performance issues, although these benefits are uncommon.

Whether or not fuel injection services will do all of the above "every time" for your car is another story.

I've even seen fuel injection services quiet horrendous carbon knocks--a knocking noise from the engine because of excessive carbon build-up coming in contact with internal engine components.

Are they worth it?

Maybe. It really depends on the condition of the car. If the service achieves any of the advertised claims, it might be worth it. In truth, most vehicles do not need it. The consistent use of quality fuel, and proper car maintenance should be all that is essential to keep a car operating properly.

However, consistent use of cheap gas and poor adherence to an auto upkeep schedule, also as particular driving styles can significantly increase the accumulation of carbon deposits. Therefore the potential of poor fuel performance, decreased horsepower, and performance issues increases--all of which could be aided by injector maintenance.

The other factor to consider is the cost. Just how much fuel savings justifies the price of the fuel injection service, and how long is the pay off. BG claims that their item will pay for itself in a year's time. Nevertheless, remember that the condition of the vehicle is a large variable! If the automobile does not need it, there's no advantage.

How frequently ought to it be done?

It depends upon the product, but usually between 15,000 to 30,000-miles.

Are they necessary?

It depends: See the discussion under Are they worth every penny?

Can a fuel injection service do any damage to my engine or car?

Not if done properly. Done improperly, anything goes. A technician might conceivably hydro-lock your engine, or blow a hole in the piston-although both scenarios are uncommon.

If anything does go wrong, there's usually an underlying problem, that gets amplified by the fuel injector auto maintenance.

Why does not my manufacturer recommend fuel injector cleaning auto upkeep?

No manufacturer recommends fuel injector cleaning auto upkeep under normal operating conditions. From a manufacturer's viewpoint: take care of your car right (i.e., as the manufacturer dictates) and you'll be fine.

However, depending on the problem, a few manufacturers will suggest fuel injector cleaning car upkeep as the cure-especially carbon knock. With the wide variety of fuel qualities available, manufacturers are reconsidering fuel injector cleaning auto upkeep.

Just how much does fuel injector cleaning car maintenance price?

Prices vary depending on the service center and also the actual procedure performed, and item used. The procedure you would like should clean the whole fuel system such as the tank and should not price more than $150.

Also, make certain the service is actually performed as fuel injector maintenance is a common scam over the industry.

Finally, fuel injection maintenance is often presented in a way as if it is the magical cure for your car's quirks--it not!

When in doubt, do not do it.

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