Top Tips That Will Help You Save Money On Car Rental

By Adriana Noton

Car rental business is a multi billion dollar business that has been active for a very long time. Survey shows that the industry has been making up to twenty one billion dollars in the last couple of years. Most people rent cars mostly for vacation transport though the trend has been going down in the last few years. In fact, the survey attributes the growth to home city rentals rather than vacation rentals. In the article, a few tip that will help you save money next time you want to rent a car have been outlined.

Research the internet. The internet has indeed made our life very easy; by the click of a button, you are able to access some very vital information. That can be very convenient to you. Through the internet, you are able to compare different deals and choose one that suites you. You also get to weight factors such as hours of operation, vehicle type among other dynamics. Surfing the net will most likely lead you to finding a very attractive deal.

Weekend deals. Car rental on the weekend is usually cheaper than renting it on a weekday. On one company researched on, it was found that during the weekend, the company charger up to thirty five percent lower than the weekday charge. During the weekdays the company charged sixty five dollars, on the weekend the company charged twenty three dollars.

Go for weekly rates whenever possible. Weekly rates are relatively cheaper compared to daily rates. If you envision that you are likely to use the vehicle for more than five days, you are better off renting it for that week. As much as weekend rate are cheap, weekly rates are usually the best.

Always book at least a week in advance. It is advisable to make your booking early as you are likely to get cheaper rates then. Fees at most companies are usually dependent on how many vehicles are available in their lot. The more the vehicles available in the lot, the cheaper the price you will get. The reverse is true.

Avoid airport pick ups. You are likely to pay hire if you're to rent a car in an airport than renting the same vehicle at a nearby neighborhood. If you rent it at the airport, you will pay for taxes among other fees. This will in the long run make it expensive for you.

Be careful with the type of car you rent. Avoid cars that guzzle a lot of fuel if you do not need the extra space. The rental company may offer to up grade the type of vehicle that you use; decline if you envision higher costs in fuel. Or you could opt for one that will not cost that much on fuel.

Join a travel club. Though this clubs will cost you some money, they eventually pay off. As a member, you will be entitled to some discount in air tickets plus you get some free car rental days. So, if you rent vehicles regularly, its good to join some travel club it will help you cut on cost.

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