Home Building - A Fishing Boat

By Martin Reid

Most boats are typically used for fishing. Today, there are many different kinds of fishing boats sold in the market. This is why it may be confusing in how to purchase a boat that suits your needs.

What type of water usage? . Remember that a boat intended for backwaters and small ponds will not last long in near coastal conditions. Likewise, a fishing boat for the river designed for wild white water will have a disappointing performance on open, larger lakes.

Drift boats If your first intention is to fish the not so big or fast moving rivers, then a drift boat is perfect for you. Drift boats are designed for drifting down rivers. Currently, there are two kinds of drift boats: the Western style and Midwestern style. Western style drift boats are also called the McKenzie River drift boats.

Midwestern boats Midwestern style drift boats can be paddled much quicker and have more control in comparison to the Western style drift boats. The latter is intended only to glide down rivers, and the oars are utilized only for maintaining the boat's position as you go downriver.

Caroline dory On the other hand, if your intention is to fish on lakes, protected waters and bays, you have a few options. If you prefer to use moderate power and at the same time row, rather than choosing a Caroline style dory you have other options.

V power boats If you prefer to depend more on engine power to go faster, full. V-bottom or a semi V power boats are your best options if you want to fish in wide rivers, bays, lakes and so on. This type of boat is designed from two passenger models to bigger six to eight passenger models.

Pacific power dory is another good option for this condition. This type of boat is very stable with efficient hulls that can outperform fiberglass models. This boat is inexpensive to construct.

Ultra light boats If you want a small engine or a man-powered boat that is easily placed on a pickup truck or on a roof of a car than an ultra-light boat may be your best option. These boats are great for streams, lakes, bays or bayous. They come in a wide variety of shapes, from dories to prams to kayak and canoes.

Ocean fishing If you want to go fishing in the ocean, look for a boat designed for ocean or sea conditions. Some of the boats suited for coastal conditions are Pacific power dories, V-bottom Carolina dories, and V-bottom center console boats. They can outperform heavier commercially made boats.

Grand bank dories On the contrary, Grand Banks dories should be used for offshore conditions. The most seaworthy boats ever built are the Grand Banks dories. They can work efficiently through any weather conditions and can also be used for sailing.

Misc boats Mullet skiffs, Hawaiian sampans and larger v bottom Carolina dories are also some of the candidates for home built boats to be used in offshore conditions. Each has its advantages and disadvantages based on the speed, price and smooth ride.

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