How to Prepare, Market and Sell Your Boat Successfully

By Martin Reid

As with selling anything there are a couple of basic steps you should follow when you are selling your boat to make the process easier. Cleaning, maintenance, records, pricing, advertising, and selling and the steps you should follow. Now obviously there is more to it than just this, so I will go over each item.

Starting with cleaning process, you should clean everything on the boat or attached to the boat. You should of course include the trailer in this process so that you can make a good presentation of the whole package.

Now if during the cleaning process you find something that needs repair you should fix it and make sure everything is maintained. Anything included with the boat should be fully functional and in working order. If not take it in for repair and get it fixed. Again make sure you include your trailer in this process. If the boat or trailer needs a new coat of paint you will want to paint it to give you the most money in the sale.

As part of the maintenance you should make sure you have a record of any maintenance done to the boat and trailer. This will go a long way to prove the work and provide a sense of trust between you and the buyer. This will go a long way in helping you get the price you want for the boat.

In selling your boat you will want to set a reasonable price. You want to get the most money you can for your boat, but if you set the price too high you won?t get any buyers. Compare the prices of similar boats and set your price accordingly. You can set the price a little higher if you like but for some negotiation room remain reasonable. Always allow some room for negotiation by the buyer.

In order to get your boat on the market you have to choose some sort of advertising. The most common is the classified section of the newspaper. Another option is online classified because of the popularity of the Internet. If you use the Internet make sure you understand the rules for posting. In additional you can put a sign on the boat and see if you get any interest in it that way. Most will do a combination of the above. What you do and how much you spend will depend on your desired expenses to sell the boat.

Now for the selling part, as you expect you will need to provide some room for negotiation. Make sure you can be contacted and follow up on those contacts. Be open and sincere about the boat and your experience with it. Finally, as part of the sale make sure you protect yourself. Write all pertinent information about the buyer down on your receipt and make sure they purchase it as is with no warranty, and that they are now responsible for it in for all legal and liable manners.

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