With A Good Car Amplifier Your Car Journeys Are A Pleasure

By Andy Morris

In our modern lives cars are vital. We all use them for a range of purposes both social, work and pleasure although with the amount of traffic on the roads the pleasure can seem a bit of a dream. In addition to these reasons there is of course a large group of car enthusiasts who derive hours of pleasure from their cars.

Of course people have always customised their cars with paint jobs, seats, fluffy dice and the like. But thanks to the constant advances in electronic technology and the steady decrease in size of all the parts it gradually became possible to fit better sound systems in your car.

The earliest in car sound systems most of us can remember was the good old 8-track cassette. It was very popular and manufacturers realised there was a market to exploit so they dedicated time and money to research, finishing up with the car amplifier and outstanding sound quality.

The modern car amplifiers are designed to work by powering the speakers in your car. The end result is excellent sound quality even at high volumes. To keep life simple the makers have each speaker powered by one amplifier. In theory you could have many channels but the most popular is the 4-channel amplifier.

There are many makers in the market and thanks to them competing with each other the prices are competitive. Although the systems can widely vary in crossovers, input and output and cooling systems the end result is a choice of high quality amplifiers. Large manufacturers such as Panasonic,Thunder, Sony, Kicker and Alpine ensure consistent and high quality sound production.

Of course this does leave you with an embarrassment of riches and some tough choices. Common sense suggests that your in car sound system shouldn't overwhelm your car so go for a smaller size. The class D amplifier made by Pioneer is widely regarded as one of the best on the market. It is compact and has a great sound.

With their miniature, neat design they are simple to put in in your car. They have a fine reach of frequency response from 10 - 35000 Hertz, the S/N ratio is better than 95 decibels and you get four channels with a highest power input of 150 W at 4 ohms. With this beauty in your car you'll impress folks and definitely turn heads. The sound quality is outstanding.

It really is a top moment to be buying an in car sound system with some excellent deals and very good sound quality well within your reach.

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