Keep Your Car Running Well - Ensure You Service It Continually

By Harry Taylor

When you own a vehicle there are many things that need to be done to maintain it to keep it running well. This is sometimes known as a car service. Bringing the auto in for routine maintenance and service will provide help to keep it in top running performance.

Below are lists of a few services and tools required across the life of the vehicle. Some car services need to be performed more often than others. See your cars log book schedule for mentioned time intervals required.

A good technician will always have the right mechanical tools wanted to service the vehicle. Here are one or two tools they should have on hand:

- Anti freeze gravity gauge, to test the temperature range of the anti freeze fluid.
- Jack to help raise the vehicle to be well placed to look at wheel bearings and to be well placed to change tires.
- Oil catch pan that will be put under the auto when changing oil to catch it.
- Oil filter removal tool, to help pull the old clear out for oil and filter changes.
- Screw driver to help in removing items like air purifying device housing if they are held on with screws.
- Socket set to assist in removing the oil drain plug.
- Spark plug tool, for performing tune-ups.

Those are simply a few of the basic tools a good technician will have available. They will also have the parts critical to perform routine car service upkeep.

- Anti freeze. It is vital that a vehicle have enough in it to address cold temperatures, it keeps the engine from freezing. When this is checked it might have to be either replaced or simply topped off.
- Filters. Both for oil changes, an oil filter and air filter. These are items that require routine substitute for better car performance.
- Engine oil. This is maybe the most commonly used and replaced item in the auto. Oil becomes old and gunked up, it must be completely flushed out and replaced each 6000 miles or so , depending on how much and where the car is driven.
- Sump washer which are used with oil changes, the oil drain plug.
- Spark plugs are employed in major and minor tune-ups. These routinely only have to be replaced each 4 years or about 40,000 miles.
- Washer liquid, which is used to keep the windscreen clean. Routinely this runs out, it's simple to replace, most engineers who perform routine maintenance services will also top off the washer fluid during the service calls.

Having these routine car service upkeep details done will provide help to preserve the automobile and keep it in top running condition. Ignoring these routine upkeep wants can be very bad on the auto. They will start to break down, systems will fail and regularly if you do not keep on top of this you will find yourself stuck on the side of the road wanting emergency roadside service. Avoid this by taking care of your auto and making sure it gets the routine maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.

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