Marine Tools - Now and Then

By Nia Lawrence

Nowadays, we have an array of different marine equipment and tools such as the Raymarine a50d. But did you ever wonder how it was during the ancient times? How did sailors around the world navigate? If they didn't have modern marine devices, what did they use in their sea navigation and sailing? The following will give you an overview how sea navigation was back then.

As stated earlier, early navigators and sailors were not fortunate enough to have modern marine tools like what we have now. Even though this is the case, do not think that they were entirely device-less in the past. They had compass, for one, which was used to tell directions. They also had other tools such as astrolabe, crosstaff, sextant, and quadrant. These were used to tell the angle and altitude of the sun and other heavenly bodies.

They also used maps, but, of course, don't expect something that can rival today's maps and global positioning system such as those that can be seen in a Raymarine GPS device. At first, early sailors did not have any maps; they were even called coastal navigators. This was because they did not really go far away from the coastline; they stayed close to shore as they used towns and the shoreline as their points of reference. They cannot fully embark on a sea travel for fear of being lost at sea. Sea travel improved years later, when someone thought it wise to record previous sea expeditions on charts. These charts were continuously developed to provide guidance to the early sailors and navigators. Since then, a lot of marine tools and equipment have been invented and developed.

It was in the 1930s when the first practical radar was used. Today, we have modern marine devices such as the Raymarine radar. Radars are used to determine the location of other objects in the sea that are beyond the vision range of a person. It is a shorter term for "radio detection and ranging." By projecting radio waves to objects, radars can locate other sea objects or vehicles. It is considered a useful tool for many sailors as it helps them determine the location of other sea vessels. Modern radar devices are also run by computer software, making it easy to control and operate. Many also have multifunction displays that provide essential info to the user. One can also have a choice between a radome or an open array antenna.

Thanks to modern technology and man's incessant pursuit of modernization, many modern marine devices are being invented and innovated. Nowadays, there are a lot of companies that engage themselves in manufacturing modern marine devices. One of them is Raymarine, a leading provider of marine gadgets. Their products, such as the Raymarine a70d, are available online at different online stores. As evidenced by many positive reviews on their products, Raymarine continues to be a top source of quality, effective, and trusted marine tools.

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