The Value of Chartplotters

By Nia Lawrence

In fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and any activity that involves a boat in the vast seas, direction is very important. Travelling by land is a lot easier than navigating through the ocean. The ocean has no streets, no stop lights, and no landmarks. One must have an accurate navigational system to be able to cross the seas. Before, our ancestors used mapping of stars, point locations, and luck to navigate the seas. Lucky for us, we have the latest innovations like Raymarine Chartplotters and other devices that make navigating on the oceans a lot easier.

Chartplotters are used in any marine navigational system that integrates Global Positioning System or GPS data with an electronic navigational chart or diagram. This electronic gadget shows the speed, position, and direction of the ship next to the navigational chart along with radar, sensors, and automatic information system crucial in marine navigation. This functions by assisting your boat to the course you are about to take through the ocean. Travelling on the ocean is a lot more technical than travelling on land. The only way to know where you are located and where you are going is by the navigational system. Marines also use the Raymarine Chartplotter to guide them in courses and to look for places and points such as shipwreck or coral reefs.

Chartplotters are also helpful in looking for wonderful sail courses and fishing spots in an easy and simple way. There are ready-to-navigate cartography features that beginners and boating enthusiasts will like. In fact, navigating and sailing the ocean is lot simpler now because of these electronic gadgets that are continuously evolving and innovating to make life on the ocean a lot better. Searching for shipwreck survivors or people in boating accidents is also a lot easier now. Rescuing and saving marine creatures are also made easier because of these innovations.

The characteristics of a chartplotter depend on its use. The basic navigational display is standard to all chartplotters. Three-dimensional display is good for fish-finding and bottom features which most fishermen use. This goes well with the Raymarine ST1000 because it is also safe and easy to use, with advanced features that let you handle the sheets while the pilot directs the ship. Navigating through the vast seas is definitely easier these days because of these electronic gadgets.

In the ocean, having a sense of direction is a must for a boat captain, a ship owner, a marine, a pilot, or a cruise enthusiast. Looking for fishing spots, coral reefs, and huge whales is a lot easier when you know how to navigate and where to find them. This is how significant these navigational gadgets are. Getting lost in the ocean is a lot harder than getting lost in rural places; there are no locals to ask for directions and there are no street maps. Even dependable and convenient autopilot exists with Raymarine S1000 tiller pilots, using latest wireless technology and simple installment system. Travelling the oceans may be difficult, even risky, but it has its rewards and merits.

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