How Durable Is The Reno Auto Glass

By Martha Oneil

A little time ago I sat and listened to a story my grandfather was telling about durable Reno windshield repair. Then in the midst of his story a man in black showed up at my neighbors house across the way. We were not outside, and therefore our presence went undetected. The man never laid eyes on us. Anyway, he began to beat on the car's window in an attempt to break it. I thought that the best way to deal with the situation was to call the police.

Then my grandfather stopped me. He told me that it would not be necessary to get the police involved. I was told that the man could never break the glass the way he was trying.

So reluctantly I appeased my grandfather, and together we watched the man attempt to hack away at the car through our window. It was a constant beating at the window. He even tried using something that he pulled from his back pocket, but to no avail. It did not break! With greater interest I began to watch the scene that was unfolding before me. I wanted to know how this was even a possibility.Was it bewitched?

Finally, the man gave up, and disappeared from the scene. I turned to my grandfather and asked him how he could have been so sure about what happened. He grinned, and then said. I see that you have not been listening to me.

I took offense at his insinuation. I started to assert that I indeed heard him, but I was unsure as to how this was connected to my question. It was at the start of my speaking that my grandfather put a stop to my chatter.

He just put his hand up, and signaled for me to think about it. So I sighed and slumped my shoulders in protest. I didn't understand how he came to the conclusion that I wasn't listening to him. I loved his stories, and hung on every word. Then it all started to make sense to me.

The car's glass was Reno auto glass. I had witnessed the durability of the glass first hand. In my naivete I did not put the two together. Grandfather knew that this man would not be successful because he knew what kind of glass it was. This was was too crazy! I did not believe what occurred. Then from somewhere in the distance I heard the calling of my name. In an instant I awoke, and realized that I had been dreaming!

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