How Durable Is The Reno Auto Glass

By Martha Oneil

One day I was sitting and listening to my grandfather tell me a story about the durability of Reno windshield repair. As he was talking a gentlemen all dressed in black appeared across the street. Now we were inside our house, and I don't think the guy ever saw us. Anyway. He began to bang on the window of our neighbor's car. Instantly I thought that we should call the police.

However, in disagreement my grandfather insisted that I do not call the authority. For some reason he did not deem it necessary. He did not believe that this man could break the glass.

Against my better judgment I stayed seated and watched the man from the window. It was a site to see. He just kept banging away at it. Then he even took this tool out of his back pocket. Even the tool didn't break it. So now I am drawn towards the unfolding scene. I began to wonder how on earth this was possible. Was the car bewitched?

At some point the guy stopped, and fled the scene. I inquired of my grandfather as to how he could have known the outcome. He smiled, and then asserted, that I had not been listening to a word he said.

I did not like this assertion. So I started to defend myself because I did not see the relevance in such a response. Nor did I feel it was justified. Yet, before I could get started good my grandfather stopped me.

All he needed to do was raise his hand, and motion for me to think. With resistance I signed and slumped my upper body protesting his allegation. It was a mystery to me how he determined that I had not heard him. I simply adored his stories, and thrived on the words that escaped from between his lips. Suddenly, a light came on in my mind, and I began to understand.

The car glass was the Reno auto glass. It's durability was tested right in front of my face. It is unclear to me why I did not put my grandfather's story with the incident that was unfolding. This was insane! What happened baffled me. How was this possible? Then from somewhere in the far distance I discerned a voice calling my name. In a moment my eyes popped open from my slumber. I had been dreaming!

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