The Importance Of Choosing A Quality Marine Battery Charger

By Ericka Jackson

Among the marine electronics used in sea vessels and boats is the marine battery charger. Chargers are necessary in maintaining every marine battery. Yet, you have to choose a charger that will work for the battery knowing that marine batteries have different capacities and maintenance requirements.

Among other things, the most critical part of marine battery maintenance is proper charging. Both overcharging and undercharging can reduce the life of batteries. Hence it is useful to know how marine batteries work to be able to choose the right charger.

When planning to buy a battery charger, you must know the type of the battery you want to charge. In general, marine batteries come in three types: gel cell, flooded cell, and AGM (absorbed glass mat). These types of batteries all rely on lead-acid chemical reactions. However, they are different in terms of costs, applications and maintenance requirements. Each thereby requires a specific kind of marine battery charger.

Flooded-cell batteries are said to be the most cost effective among other types of marine batteries. Gel-cell and AGM types of battery are more expensive but they have a low self-discharge rate, meaning they can hold a charge well.

Your marine battery can last for as long as you apply proper charging practices. It's important that you don't leave the battery in a discharged state for any period. However, overcharging can decrease battery life.

In general, lead-acid batteries must not be discharged below 50 percent. For such battery type, the typical effective charge range is from 50 to 80 percent. Charging the battery from 80 to 100 percent takes more time than it does to charge it from 50 to 80 percent.

Before buying a battery charger, you have to identify first the specifications of your battery. Aside from considering the type of the marine battery, know also its amp-hour capacity and input voltage.

Since temperature has an impact on the charging rate of the battery, make sure that you select a marine battery charger that has temperature compensation circuitry.

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