Why Luxury Yachts Are Not Ordinary Sea Vessels

By Justine Morgan

Mention "sailing in style" and a luxury yacht easily enters people's minds. This is not surprising at all! What can be more stylish than privately sunbathing in the middle of the sea? To think, these are just some of the activities you can do while riding this opulent water vessel.

Coined in the early 20th century, luxury yachts had been greatly associated with no one else but the rich and well-known individuals. This term surfaced when these people began building private boats for personal use. Today, this kind of sea vessel is primarily used for leisure purposes. Furthermore, while before it was solely for those who can afford to purchase or build one, currently, those who have the money to rent can experience sailing in style.

Generally, luxury yachts have two types - sailing or motorized luxury yachts. Normally, the size of the sea vessel relies on its type. Sailing luxury yachts are relatively smaller than those which are powered. This means that the sailing types can accommodate fewer individuals. Nevertheless, although it's small and has a lesser capacity, a sailing luxury yacht still boasts of extravagant interiors and has the important amenities such as a kitchen, cabins with air-conditioners and individual bathroom and shower room. Some even have an outdoor Jacuzzi.

On the other hand, motorized luxurious yachts are significantly larger, with some having a height of over 328 feet. Bigger yachts mean more cabins and amenities. The rooms are usually designed like 5-star hotels' VIP rooms. Apart from having an indoor Jacuzzi, some even have spa, cinema, and bowling alley. Others would have a separate bar and a library. Nowadays, the larger types can load toys such as jet skis, speed boats and diving equipment if the people on board need them for some out-of-the-yacht adventures.

Naturally, for something as valuable and sophisticated as a luxury yacht, superb craftsmanship is required. Likewise, only high quality materials must be utilized in its construction. These factors are important to guarantee that the vessel stands true to its name. Most importantly, superior boat building skills and the use of high quality materials ensure the creation of a safe and sturdy vessel.

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