Improving the Handling and Suspension on Your Car

By Daniel Akinson

Coilovers will provide a vehicle with great racing capacity and enable the driver to modify its height without changing out the springs. You use a threaded sleeve to adjust the height, of which is placed over the shocks.

Another option for really cutting down on the shaking your car may experience when driving over bump terrain are shock absorbers. Your car will handle these types of terrain more smoothly with after market shock absorbers. Struts fulfill the same role as a shock absorber. It is up to you to find out if your car has struts of shocks.

To augment the handling of your car, you can lower your springs. This will also make your car appear much lower to the ground. Once your car is lower, you can corner a lot more effectively at higher speeds. The risk of rolling over is also greatly reduced. Then again, lowering the springs may make the riding experience more difficult since they have to absorb any bumps within a more reduced amount of room.

You can boost the stability of your car by using sway bars, they do this by connecting both sides of your suspension. Providing a reduction in the chances of under steering and the possibility of rolling your car, aftermarket sway bars are metal bars which are thicker than the usual stock option. With the help of aftermarket sway bars, you will be able to speed through turns rather than rolling or braking through them.

Messing around with the height of your car alters the camber of your tires, this means they will wear differently than they did before because they are no longer perpendicular with the ground. There are no camber kits to correct this problem. You will have to figure out how much your camber is according to the stock setting and make the correction yourself.

Aftermarket brake kits are absolutely necessary for high performance vehicles. Braking is crucial on all types of cars, be it track cars or quarter mile beasts. The faster the car goes the better the brakes need to be. You can't accomplish the same thing by simply changing the pads on your existing stock brakes. A benefit to installing new brakes however is the way they look, they always look a lot nicer than stock brakes and can be painted in any scheme you wish.

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