The life and times of a Colt

By Steve Juniour

The Colt Cleartec is actually the next design in a series of Mitsubishi cars which have been both attractive and budget friendly for all since 1962.

Enormous tombstone fuel-guzzling cars are all well and good for anybody who is the emporer of some obscure rich nation and can afford to tarmac an area the size of Liverpool to use as your own turning circle. But for generations the average household living in a buzzing suburb has been being economical while getting the highest quality possible by driving the latest style of Colt. If you are not directly into that find a bike and research into motorbike breakdown cover comparison.

As Mitsubishi's first post-war passenger automobile, the Colt 600 made history when it was first produced in Japan in 1962. It wasn't long however before the in demand sleek and stylish car arrived on the shores of Europe, with the Colt 1200 and Colt 1400 delighting consumers in the early 80s. Before long everybody was queuing to get the opportunity to take a Colt test drive.

From the mid 1980s the entire world became members of the cult of the Colt, with both 3-door and 5-door designs developed, having a top engine capacity of 1800cc. The designs sold well in Europe, but were especially popular in Denmark, where they were among the country's top selling cars.

Various designs of Colt have gone by different labels around the globe, such as the Dodge, Plymouth and the perfectly bizarre Mirage Panther and Mirage Cyborg. Neither the Panther or Cyborg were meant to be driven by any species of wild lion or futuristic metal man, though probably a futuristic robot could possibly drive one, though we will never know, because that would only come to pass in the future.

In the 90s cars stopped having those sharp angles and the edges became rounder in virtually a real life precursor to web 2.0. The Colt stayed in vogue and the fifth generation showcased a front wheel drive 1500 cc 8 valve SOHC caburettor engine in the base GL model, or a 1800 cc SOHC 8 valve EFI engine in the larger GLXi variant.

Currently the Colt Cleartec has got the most advanced features ever seen in a Colt brochure and is still manufactured to the best standards on the production lines of Japan. Another classic in the making.

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