Quick Detailing Tips For Car Shows

By Owen Jones

If you exhibit your car at car shows, you will be familiar with the tension that exhibitors experience in the last 20 minutes before the judges are due to come around to look at your pride and joy. It is the same sort of stress that animal showers and would-be beauty queens feel when it comes to the final moments.

It does not matter how much work you have put in during the previous twenty-four hours, the last twenty minutes is always the worst. You absolutely do need to have detailed your car the day before the show, but here are some quick detailing ideas to keep you occupied during those last few minutes when you are at car shows.

Glass: check all the windows and the paintwork around the bottom of the windows. Little boys love cars, especially beautiful cars and one of them might have pulled himself up on your car door's 'window ledge' to have a better look inside. If he has dirty fingers, you have smudges.

Inspect your wing mirrors too, because teenage girls will assess their make-up in them and may even pull them off line.

Adjudicators are impressed by gleaming glass, so keep one of those cloths for cleaning specs in a plastic bag in your pocket so that you can take care of any last minute smudges in a tick.

The cleaning cloths that you can get from opticians are perfect for this work as they clean without smearing and dry almost immediately. They are fairly cheap as well.

Chrome: the polished chrome bumpers are just the right height for kids to touch, so walk around your car with your optical cleaning fabric and just take care of any little finger prints. Likewise check the door handles and the boot lock, because they could all have had inquisitive hands on them.

Tyres: you will obviously already have washed your wheels, tyres and wheel arches, but you might notice a nick in a tyre at the last moment. You could fill an old nail varnish bottle with black paint (and one with white paint, if you have white-wall tyres), then if you see a mark at the last moment, you can paint over it using the tiny brush affixed to the top of the nail varnish bottle.

Rubbish: check the area for rubbish like plastic and paper bags that could blow under your car. Obviously, it is not technically your fault if someone has thrown their polystyrene hamburger box under your car or if a crisp packet gets blown against one of your wheels, but it still does not look good, so gather up any papers up wind of your car and check underneath for litter louts' rubbish.

As soon as you see the judges on the car next door, stop fussing and calm yourself down. Take a couple of deep breaths and prepare to be genial and helpful towards the judges.

They will almost certainly have a few questions concerning your handiwork and this is your time to bathe in the glory of all your gruelling work.

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