Build Your Own Fishing Boat

By Martin Reid

Have you ever thought about building your own boat? I know it's a crazy idea, one that might even get you in trouble with your family. One of the safest and easiest boats to use and build is the Dory. Dory?s are a small boat with a flat bottom and high sides. One of the reasons they are so safe are the high sides. They are so easy to build because their design is simple.

Although no one really knows when they were invented, they were brought to the America?s in the early 1700?s. A Dory is a boat that is 15 to 22 feet in length with a shallow draft. They are highly stable and although appear to easily tip, tend to resist tipping at a certain point and refuse to tip over very easily.

Anybody with some basic carpentry skills can build a Dory. All it requires is planning, some blueprints, basic tools, some time and the determination to make the boat. It could be made of plywood, although if you want the boat to last you should consider using some of the higher quality woods.

Dory boats have been used throughout history for fishing, but they are now becoming popular as a pleasure craft. If you are considering building a boat you should seriously consider a Dory. Although a simple design they can hold a large amount of cargo and keep their stability even when over loaded.

Boat designs are all over the Internet, but the plans you should look at should always recommend higher quality woods such as pine, spruce or oak. Saving money is great but if you do it right the first time you will not have to replace it very often, it should last you for over 20 years, in the end saving you more money.

One of the most common Dory designs is the Grand Banks Dory. Although commonly thought of as the first design it is not the only one available. A lot of the designs available have been modified for pleasure sailing. Some have also been modified to have a motor. So whether you want to use your own muscles, the wind or a motor, there is a design for a Dory that you can build. Decide how you want to move it and go from there.

Backyard builders are relearning the joy of building a boat. When you launch something you built into the water the thrill of it floating and the ease of moving it around in the water with thrill you. The simple design of the boat makes it easy to handle. The simple design from the front to back makes it very maneuverable and fun to row.

So make your plans, take your time in building and choose some high quality wood for your boat. Make it an adventure. When you launch your boat into the water you will know the thrill of having built something useable by future generations and that is a work of art.

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