Repairing Your Auto Glass In San Jose

By Robin Hetfield

San Jose freeway driving is hard on a car, especially when gravel and rocks kicked up by passing trucks results in minor chips and craters in your windshield. windshield repair services are standing by, ready to be at your service.

The glass that goes into your car's windshield isn't just ordinary glass. It's called laminated safety glass, because it's made up of two sheets of glass laminated together with a very thin piece of vinyl in the middle. They're baked together under high pressure, and this gives your windshield some special qualities.

One of these qualities is strength: most small objects hitting your windshield won't penetrate all three layers, but will only affect the outer layer of glass. This is a good thing, because small chips can be fixed by chip repair services without having to replace the entire windshield.

It's important to get chipped windshields repaired right away. With time, the cracks can collect dirt, which will cause the cracks leading away from the crater to lengthen over time, and what could have been a simple repair in the beginning can turn into the need for a complete windshield replacement.

Small repairs are usually quick repairs, and can be completed in a half-hour or less. Auto glass repairers will usually provide price breaks for multiple "dings", charging the most for the first crater, and a lesser price for any additional ones. Auto insurance companies can be quite helpful when it comes to windshield repairs, too: often they will wave the deductible for these types of repairs, which means no out-of-pocket expense for the car's owner.

While an unrepaired chip might not be very noticeable while driving during the day, at night it can cause visual impairment to the point where driving conditions might become hazardous. Windshields are also important to the structural integrity of your car. Your car's airbag safety systems depend in part on a strong windshield to keep them in place when they're deployed.

Repairing chips while they're small is the "green" thing to do: it keeps your windshield from ending up in the local landfill site. For the present, auto glass can not be recycled, so every windshield not needing replacement is better for the environment.

Many chip repair services offer the ultimate in convenience: you don't have to go see them because they will come to fix your car where you are. If you want to get your chips repaired in the middle of your work day, you won't have to miss any time at work because they can make the necessary repairs while the car sits in the parking lot.

When San Jose freeways treat your auto glass poorly, there's no reason to put off repairs. Windshield repair companies are ready to come to your rescue, twenty-four hours a day.

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