Road Traffic Accidents

By Abigail Charlton

From time to time all forms of transport can be dangerous but the most dangerous form of transport that we can take is getting into our car. On British roads every year hundreds of motorists are killed in road accidents. Compared to accidents in any other form of transport including aeroplanes, boats and trains, cars account for almost ten times more fatalities.

In recent years due to the high number of fatalities on the roads, many companies have worked with car manufacturers to create a range of safety features which can be fitted into our cars. These features aim to lower the number of deaths and injuries on the road and to keep us safer.

Up until several decades ago most cars did not even come with seat belts, now it is compulsory within the UK for every person travelling in a car to wear one. Although this seems like a basic safety feature, it was the start of a whole range of innovations and features designed to keep us safe when travelling around.

One safety feature that we see in almost every modern car now is air bags. These bags are designed to inflate upon impact and therefore protect us from hitting parts of our body on the car's bodywork. The number of airbags found in your car depends on the make but can be anywhere up to six. These airbags are divided into different areas with two main ones at the front and up to four curtain style airbags to protect the side of the car from impact.

When it comes to driving in extreme weather, many elements including water and snow can cause the roads to become slippery and therefore lead to an increase in road traffic accidents. Features that we can add to our car including Anti-Lock Breaking Systems and Electronic Stability Control assist us when we are driving in tricky conditions and enable us to keep our cars on the road without slipping and sliding into other cars or obstacles.

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